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Some exciting news for all you thrill seekers: This week sees the launch of the first official Yggdrasil Gaming-branded product. This exciting slot was inspired by the developer’s partnership with the Nitro Circus, a leader in the field of action sports entertainment. The Nitro Jump extra feature in Nitro Circus slot sounds like it may lead to some seriously thrilling outcomes, including cash prizes and multipliers. If you want to know more about this game and where you can play it online as of November 15th, 2018, read our review.

Nitro Circus is a 25-line, five-reel slot machine. Three types of motorcycle helmets, four riders with increasing payouts, and the letters N, I, T, R, and O appear on the reels. A scatter Nitro Bomb symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, and a wild sign can substitute for any other icon. The Nitro-Blast Minigame is activated in the main game if you land on two of these Nitro Bombs. Participants can pick one of five bombs to detonate for one of the following benefits:

From ten to thirty spins at no cost

A sofa, wheelchair, toy car, or bath tub was added to the collection.

When a Nitro Bomb detonates, it might transform anywhere from two to nine adjacent symbols into wilds.

During the free games, the multiplier can grow by 1, 2, or 3.

One, two, or three additional free games during the bonus round.

N i c o l i o u s c

Free spins are triggered by landing three or more Nitro Bomb symbols during the main game, and they can be boosted with one or more of the perks available in the minigame, including additional free spins, additional wilds, additional cars, and multipliers. The following permutations are possible, depending on the number of these symbols you obtain:

With 3 Nitro Bombs, you get 10 free spins and 1 bonus feature.

4 Nitro Bombs, each with 20 free spins and 2 bonus feature options.

30 bonus spins and a choice of three bonus features for 5 Nitro Bombs.

The so-called vehicle collections in Nitro Circus will be greatly sought after, as collecting 5 of a kind will activate the Nitro Jump function. The advantages of each trigger vehicle will vary and will be based on factors such as size, tricks, and acceleration.

Tub: 3/5 for tricks, 2/5 for size, and 5/5 for a boost.

Tricks: 2/5, Size: 3/5, Boost: 5/5 Armchair

Tricks: 2/5, Size: 5/5, Speed: 5/5 Toy Car

In regards to the rocking horse, the ratings are as follows:

This Nitro Jump feature can also be activated by lining up the NITRO letters across the reels in a single spin. The following automobiles will be available for your selection:

FMX: 3/5 on tricks, 2/5 on size, and 3/5 on boost

Bmx: 2/5 for stunts, 3/5 for size, and 1/1 for boost.

Scooter: 2/5 for stunts, 5/5 for size, and 3/3 for speed.

In this bonus round, a cartoonish representation of an athlete performs three stunt jumps and one final Boost Jump in place of the reels. Based on the acts completed, the judges award points for the stunt leaps, with possible payouts ranging from 0.5 to 62.5 times your original wager. Up to six rewards, including a multiplier for the last jump, an increase in speed, or ten free spins, can be won during the stunt jumps. You can choose to manually raise your speed during the last Nitro Boost for a higher multiplier, but doing so increases the likelihood of crashing and losing all of your multipliers.

Free spins for Nitro Circus

If the Nitro Circus slot machine sounds like too much of a challenge, you might want to try it out with free money from the casino first. When you join a new online casino, you may be eligible to get a welcome package that includes a bonus. Check out the following gambling establishments, all of which have Yggdrasil games and this type of bonus, and keep an eye on our offers page over the coming weeks, as we anticipate certain casinos running special promotions on this cutting-edge slot machine as well!

Casinos offering the Nitro Circus slot

Maximum payout, average winnings, and minimum bets on Nitro Circus slot machine

You may play the Nitro Circus slot machine for as low as 10p per spin all the way up to £125. An RTP of 96.2% and a moderate degree of volatility characterize this game. The Nitro Free Spins feature, when combined with a multiplier, can result in enormous payouts—up to 2,000 times the initial wager, in fact, if you’re lucky.

Video and audio from the Nitro Circus slot machine

Nitro Circus was well-designed to appeal to fans of this show, with recognizable stunt backdrops and photographs of Nitro Circus’ most famous athletes, like Travis Pastrana. A guitar score typical of modern motorsports will accompany the impressive visual effects and cut scenes including excerpts from this incredible display.

Our Final Thoughts on the Nitro Circus Slot

The Nitro Circus slot machine is an ambitious new release from Yggdrasil, showing the developer’s desire to broaden its product range to appeal to a wider range of gamers. Although we applaud the creator for their fantastic recreation of the Nitro Circus act, we hoped for a higher chance of winning given the complexity of the game’s features. However, if you’re looking for a change of pace, Nitro Circus slot is worth a go at a reputable online casino. The voodoo-themed Baron Samedi slot, which has previously been published, and the eerie Dark Vortex slot, which gives payouts of up to 7,318x the stake, are two additional recent Yggdrasil releases that have a superb combination of bonus features.

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