Summary of the Valuable Seven Slot

Precious 7 is the name of a fruit machine created by Peter & Sons of Armenia, which at first glance may not imply anything. Then you realize that the name likely refers to the abundance of “lucky 7” symbols common in such games. That’s the case with Precious 7, a slot machine game that relies on stacks of seven symbols to activate features like respin rounds, multipliers, and a complete house multiplier. But what’s more intriguing is seeing Peter & Sons’ take on the ever-popular fruit slot genre.

Even though there aren’t any memorable characters in Precious 7, if you’ve ever played a slot machine from Peter & Sons, you’ll recognize it right away. Although it doesn’t have an abundance of images, this one nonetheless maintains the studio’s unique style. There is a multiplier counter on the left side of the 5×4 game screen and a diamond pattern fills in the remainder. Precious 7 deviates from the norm in that it lacks the glitzy Las Vegas atmosphere of other games of its kind. The jazzy score is the only exception, yet it’s more reminiscent of 90s hip hop funk than a standard fruit slot house track. Peter & Sons put their own spin on familiar ideas even when they choose them.

Players may enjoy Precious 7’s traditional gameplay on any device and bet anywhere from 40 cents to £/€120 every spin. Those who are spinning on a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. The potential return value clocks in at 96.04%, and the hit rate is fairly high for this sort of game at 35.27 percent. When both multipliers activate in the single bonus round, the maximum win is also respectable.

Even though Peter & Sons used a rather conventional collection of icons, the graphics team nonetheless managed to give it some personality. Cherries, grapes, lemons, watermelons, horseshoes, bells, bars, and 7s make up the lower values, and go up from there. For a winning line to be formed, three or more of the other symbols must be next to at least two 7s. Combinations of five cherries are valued 0.75x, while a line of five 7s is worth 2.5x. Before we get to the twist in the game, there’s a wild symbol that can appear on any reel and replace any other symbol.

Features of the Valuable Seven Slot

The most lucrative features of Precious 7 are the respin and multiplier rounds. The respin feature is triggered when a full reel is covered by a stack of 7 symbols. All visible 7s are shifted to the leftmost slot in the same row when there isn’t already a 7. There, they’ll stick together till the respins are over. Any fresh 7s that appear during the respin cause another spin and move to the far left position. When no more 7s show up, the respins stop and the payouts begin.

Also, the win multiplier during the respin feature always begins at 1. The multiplier can grow by a maximum of ten times on each subsequent re-spin. Additionally, the full house multiplier is rewarded if all of the positions on the screen are occupied by the number 7. This option spins a wheel to give you a multiplier between 2 and 5. The complete house multiplier is applied to the win multiplier and increases it by a factor.

Slots: The Seven of Verdict

At first, Precious 7 generated some healthy mystery. What kind of fruit machine would Peter & Sons, the studio, create? Overall, the team’s execution of the fruit machine with a twist was well received. It moves quickly, there aren’t any distracting features like free spins to ruin the flow, and it has the key innovation that all similar games need to stand apart. Precious 7 suffers from the same monotony as any other simple fruit machine, and it might seem like you’re just chasing your tail as you try to achieve the impossible by getting a complete screen of 7s during the respin function.

The fact that Precious 7 looks like a classic Peter & Sons film is both a strength and a weakness of the film. Even if you’re not familiar with Peter & Sons’ other games, Precious 7 will stick out from the crowd of fruit machines. The genre-defining gimmicks of flashing bright lights, jokers, harlequins, and the like are absent from Precious 7. However, this may be unappealing to people who prefer shiny, glitzy fruit machines. Precious 7 may be less tempting to these players than factory-made stuff that appears beautiful but tastes like nothing under its waxy surface since it is organic, contains no preservatives, and is slightly damaged or twisted. Or anything similar to that.

The maximum victory on Precious 7 is a more concrete example. Here, it performs admirably, with winnings of up to 5,500 times the initial wager. It’s not simple, though, because you need a whole screen of 7s in addition to the maximum x10 win multiplier and x5 full house multiplier. To give you an idea of how difficult it is, the odds of winning the top prize are one in a billion.

Despite its unique visuals, Precious 7 is really a classic, straightforward fruit machine. You almost catch it, but you don’t, and you keep chasing the dragon until the monotony of your efforts becomes too much.

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